MicroScribe Forensic and Anthropology Measurement Solution

$13,495.00 USD

MicroScribe i+ all-in-one solution for Landmark data collection for GMM.

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Introducing Revware’s all-in-one measurement solution for Forensic and Biological Anthropologists and Medical Examiners.

This kit includes the MicroScribe i+ Portable CMM with accuracy of +/- 0.0020″ and 5 degrees of freedom, custom case and foam sized for carry-on air travel, MicroScribe Landmark Workpak with probes, and standard MicroScribe accessories.  Also included in this kit is a MicroSoft Surface Go 3 tablet and specialty software for use in the collection of data used in landmark-based GMM analysis.  Standard one-year limited Manufacturer’s Warranty applies.

Landmark Workpak – Two (2) 60° point probe tips (one master, one working), one (1) non-marring point probe, one (1) fine point assembly, one (1) 15mm extension, one (1) tip tool, three (3) alignment divots, one (1) USB A to C adapter, and one (1) USB drive with software.

Tablet – One (1) MicroSoft Surface Go 3 tablet with USB C cable and power supply

Software – The latest MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS), MicroScribe support materials, 3D-ID with Revware’s Landmark Processor custom visual application for 3D-ID (LaMP), and the Landmark File Format Converter (LFFC) utility.

Other accessories include – One (1) ergonomic hand switch, one (1) calibration fixture, one (1) USB A cable (3′), and one (1) storage strap. Features of the MicroScribe i+ digitizers include:

  • Infinite rotating wrist for smoother data collection
  • M4 threaded stylus for use with a wider variety of commercial probes
  • Magnetic base stop home
  • MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS) 7.2 with CADpad

Additional information

Weight26 lbs
Dimensions23 × 18 × 11 in