CADpad® is a multi-application interface which creates a more efficient user experience, whether you are using a MicroScribe® Portable CMM with MUS 7 or RevWorks® for SOLIDWORKS®.


CADpad Grid and CADpad Mouse eliminate the need to switch from stylus to keyboard or mouse.  Collecting data becomes fast and easy because you never have to put down your stylus.

How it Works

CADpad's integrated functionality turns your portable CMM into a keyboard wedge, mapping location data generated by your arm into a process command or macro trigger. When you use CADpad, your standard accessory clicks become mouse clicks.

You can drive RevWorks or MUS actions, navigate screens and menus, make tool selections, or even trace physical shapes into drawing or CAD programs that do not otherwise have direct interface to your digitizer.


CADpad Grid and CADpad Mouse


The two types of CADpad operation may be used independently or in combination. Multiple regions in your work area can be defined at the same time, one for mouse movement and one or more for command template work areas.

CADpad Grid


Defines and maps a grid area for driving software action with each press of your input accessory.


The action emulates user-defined keyboard clicks or specific software commands.


CADpad Mouse


Defines and maps an area in which the stylus of your MicroScribe digitizer becomes the active system mouse.


When the MicroScribe digitizer probe moves within the defined action area, CADpad translates the probe movements into system mouse movements.


Preview CADpad in Two Minutes

Integrated with MUS 7 and RevWorks 7.1

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