As a researcher, you need the highest data integrity possible.

We are here to help.

Maintaining Important Legacy Software

Revware has undertaken the continued maintenance of two key GMM software tools, 3D-ID and 3Skull.  We are committed to providing updates free of charge.  We collaborated with Dr. Ann Ross in early 2024 to release a new version of 3D-ID with an expanded database and a LaMP, a free visualization tool for easier cranial landmark data collection.

Work has begun on the 3Skull project with the intent of creating a maintenance release as soon as possible.  If you are a user of either of these products, please provide any feedback you have regarding issues and desires for future releases.

Revware's GeMM Initiative

Whether you are collecting, analyzing, or comparing geometric morphometric landmark sets for forensics, biological anthropology or archaeology, data integrity is your highest priority. We build the tools you need.

Faster Collection

To streamline the process of gathering 3D cranial landmarks into the 3D-ID application, Revware has developed the free LaMP™ Landmark Processing visualization tool built directly into the latest version of 3D-ID (currently for Windows version only).

Cleaner Transcription


To remove human error when transcribing between file formats, Revware is building a simple, FREE automated tool, the Landmark File Format Converter (LFFC) for converting GMM data files to other formats specific to current landmark collection and analysis tools.

Better Analysis


Our GeMM™ Initiative is about putting the tools Forensic Scientists and Anthropologists want into the software you need: Landmark data file processing, exploration and visualization (GPA, PCA and bgPCA), scatterplots, modeling and more.

Total Solution

Introducing Revware’s all-in-one measurement solution for Forensic and Biological Anthropology, including the MicroScribe i+ Portable CMM, carry-on travel case, Landmark Probe set, Microsoft Surface Go 3 tablet, 3D-ID with LaMP and LFFC.

 Level Up Your Precision

Accurate data is the key to your research.  If you already have a MicroScribe 3D, G2, or i series MicroScribe Portable CMM, we can more than double your current arm’s accuracy for much less than the price of a new arm with our PLUS Upgrade program.  

Small Carry Case for MicroScribe

Do More With Accessories

Find an array of tools, software, and accessories for your research and analysis in our web store, including secure mounting platforms, landmark probe kits, and more!  Our new small carry case for the MicroScribe i+ is truly portable, and can easily fit in the overhead of an airplane for transporting your MicroScribe arm anywhere!