About Revware

Imagine a concept-to-product engineering process that takes thirty minutes, not thirty days, to complete.  Imagine having the tools on your desktop, portable into the field, that you can use to easily create a computer model or take precise measurements of almost any object in minutes.  With Revware® products, you have this capability now.


At some point you have probably seen, used, or owned an object whose design, development, testing, or analysis was improved by one of our products.  From aircraft, industrial components, and automotive parts, to household appliances, tools, and shoes - from musical instruments and animated films to images of ancient artifacts and joint replacement surgeries, Revware technology has improved your life in some way.

Founded in 1992 in Raleigh, North Carolina, Revware immediately identified a need for CAD-driven concept-to-product tools for engineers and designers.  We quickly grew, becoming one of the largest resellers of CAD systems in the southeast United States.  RevWorks® was released in 1997 as one of the first SOLIDWORKS® Gold Partner applications.  By 2001, we were designated three times as a North Carolina Tech 50 fastest-growing technology firm.


In 2009, we acquired the MicroScribe® product line from Immersion Corp. in a drive to increase design, development and production efficiency for designers, engineers, artists, and scientists in a wide range of industries and fields.


Today Revware products are sold globally, with more than 10,000 MicroScribe portable CMMs distributed worldwide as a preferred tool for collecting 3D data.  Countless research papers and patent applications name the MicroScribe system as an indispensable tool for research study and process implementation.

Our development efforts continue to focus on the creation of feature-based modeling within CAD systems.  The ability to create and manipulate CAD models is a key enabling technology for the growing 3D printing/additive manufacturing market. We develop custom applications, interface integrations, and process controls for customers everywhere.


Looking forward, the Revware team is dedicated to improving our products and solutions to bring even more measurement and modeling capability to you.  In many ways, in many professions, Revware works to help you Reshape Your World® every day!